I should be reconciling bank statements right now.  Gardener by day and a bookkeeper by night.  Not really.  I actually suck at all things related to numbers.  I am however responsible for keeping our finances in order (somewhat) and that includes reconciling 2 business and 1 personal account.  Biggest problem is I have such an adversity to doing it that I put it off until the end, the very end.

So, today instead of sitting at the desk checking numbers off, I find myself distracted.  I know Ive got to get the job done but my first seeds of the 2018 growing season sprouted today.  Its so exciting. Im still in aw by the magic of the seed. It never gets old for me.  3 days ago, I put some tiny seeds in a moist seed starting mix, placed it in the dark, on my dryer in the basement and here we are.  We’re growing.  Now thats its germinated I need to get my grow lights out.  Which, means I need to order more seeds.  Which, means the greenhouse needs to be cleaned out.  Which, means I need to get my perlite and vermiculite and start making my growing mix.  Which means spring is coming!!!!


Welcome to my world.

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