Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog.  I hope that my posts inspire you to grow. Im going to keep it real here.  Theres nothing perfect about my gardens, my life or my stories but I keep growing. Its what I do best.

Mother Nature, the earth, my love of all things green and dirty have taught me so much about this crazy thing called life.  Im so thankful for the time spent, the connections made and the lessons learned, all in the garden.

OK.  Lets do this thing.

Yesterday, we were given a gift from Mother Nature.  She dropped a nearly 50 degree day in our lap, here in New England.  When I woke, I grabbed a coffee and was in the garden before 7:00am.  This is HuGE! Just two weeks ago we were in a deep, deep freeze and normally by now we have snow on the ground.

When I first walked through my tall grasses that line the entry to my garden, I felt weighed down and disappointed.  I did a shitty job with fall cleanup.  Everywhere I looked there was trash, broken pots, piles of mucky, black leaf debris, stakes and trellising that never got pulled out, and my favorite winter treat, random piles of dog shit. This was not the garden I love.

After walking around, coffee in hand, for what seemed like less than five minutes, something changed. I walked over to the half full trash bag to see if I could pry it from the frozen ground and the remains of a butternut squash caught my eye.  Once I got up close a feeling of excitement started stirring within when my eyes locked in on a beautiful pile of seeds.  From the pile of seeds my mind went to a perfect little winter squash patch.  I could see it.  I wont do anything to that pile of seeds except wait and see.  The likely hood of the seeds germinating once the weather warms in the spring is fairly high.  Ive grown lots of pumpkins from this mastered technique of hucking unwanted fruit out the back door and its always fun to see what survives and then grows.

My heaviness was gone.  My load was lightened by a pile of seeds and the thought of what the days to come, in the garden, would bring me. I cleaned the mess, added all the broken pots and plastic to the trash bag and moved on to another area where once again I found joy in something so simple as a seed.  Sungold tomatoes are one of my must haves in the edible gardens that I grow.  I found a few dried fruits on the ground and pictured cute little baby sungold tomatoes popping up when he ground warms up in June.

Each minute I spent cleaning was another opportunity to find something positive, something with potential for growth.  Growing is a beautiful, feel good thing.  I never leave the garden feeling worse than I did when I entered.  Its kind of like exercising.  Ive never left the gym thinking man, wish I hadn’t done that.

Im thankful for this past weekend.  I spent hours outside moving and breathing in the fresh cool air.  I cleaned everything up, put everything away and felt proud of my efforts. Best part, I can finally say, The garden is officially ready for winter.

Keep Growing!


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